Man and Horse

Wales has a wide variety of public attractions, like the Gower Show where animals compete for attention with classic cars, singers, and circus events. If the horse trading is much less than it used to be, it is still the raison d'être for the traditionalists. A shot like this one, a moment of affection between a man and his pony, was a very simple shot to take.


Men and Machines

Boys and their toys also make for simple shots; in this case, two engineers of the Brecon Mountain Railway who had just completed the run up and back from Taf Fechan Reservoir on a 1908 Graf Schwerin-Lowitz locomotive. The limited depth of field is due to using a low ISO film, Ilford Pan F Plus, with the lens aperture wide open at f.3.4 on a Fuji GS645. Geek stuff, pure and simple.